BioAmp: Revolutionary Technology

BioAmpTM is a revolutionary new system for the treatment of waste water and is now available in all countries across Europe. BioAmp is an environmentally friendly system that solves a range of waste water problems and at the same time brings considerable cost savings.

BioAmp is a compact, computer controlled microbial fermentation unit that is installed on site and delivers a large amount of active, naturally occurring safe bacteria directly into the drains. The bacteria then goes to work on the waste water, reducing; grease, fats and oil build-up, as well as eliminating odours. It is ideal for use on grease traps, septic tanks and sewage treatments at far less cost than other bacteria based systems.

INTRODUCING...The Revolutionary New BioAmp Unit

The Revolutionary BioAmp Unit

The BioAmp system delivers 30 trillion live, vegetative Pseudomonas and Bacillus cells every 24-hours into drains, grease traps or waste water systems at one-tenth the cost of commercially available dry powder or liquid bacterial formulations. It enables waste water problems to be solved in-house, ensuring compliance with European Directives and local regulations. The system has US National Sanitation Foundation approval.

The European authorities have introduced stringent requirements on waste water purity for industrial and commercial facilities, involving surcharges and fines for those who do not meet the standards required. BioAmp speeds and amplifies the natural breakdown of organic waste, including soluble BOD, TSS, ammonia and FOG; transforming highly polluted waste water to a level that is acceptable to the Environmental Agencies and the water utility operators.

BioAmp’s unique technology can bring savings of thousands of euros per year by reducing surcharges, fines and energy costs for businesses and other organisations. Because the system is supplied and maintained on a monthly fee basis, there is no capital equipment investment required. It can normally be incorporated into existing drainage systems without the need for modifications.

Many companies, both large and small, are already benefiting from BioAmp, including manufacturers, food processors, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, local authorities, utilities and mining.

Typical examples of savings achieved are a food processing company in the Philippines that is saving approximately £16,000 per year in fines for foul odours, a telecommunications company in Ireland that has reduced its waste water charges by around £30,000, and a food manufacturer in Denmark that has achieved a total saving of around £17,000 on its drainage costs.

BioAmp converts Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) to CO2 and H2O and reduces the amount of off-site sludge disposal. It lowers energy consumption, conserves water and can replace harmful chemicals, making it a vital part of any environmental improvement programme. It can also help companies achieve ISO 14,000 Certification.

BioAmp presents one of those rare opportunities when solving an environmental problem has an immediate and measurable impact, needs no large capital investment and brings with it a sizeable cost reduction.


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